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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year's Announcement

To all my readers, both irregular and regular (all 5 of you), Happy New Year!  I am having a blast writing this blog and hope to keep it going strong this year as well! 

Unfortunately, the nature of this blog will be a tad different for much of this year.  I have recently relocated to Germany, and will be here through the summer.  Though I might wish it otherwise, this will have an affect on what sort of posts I can write for this site, as most movies are released in Europe at least a month after their initial release in the US.  Meaning, sadly, that while I am here there will be few films I will be able to review while they are still in theaters in the US, making anything I write about them rather redundant. 

As a result, much of what I write for this site will be of a more experimental nature during the next 6 months.  This month and next month will, of course, be devoted largely to talking about the Golden Globes and Oscars, along with a list of my favorite films of 2012.  After that, I will start working on a few ideas I've been bouncing around for awhile but have never had the time to develop- a breakdown of the Animated Feature Oscar nominees, some retro reviews of the Nostalgia Critic, and perhaps some musings on Avatar: The Last Airbender and Doctor Who as well.  Who knows.  The point is, although my actual "reviews" will dwindle for much of this year, I will try to maintain the number of posts I get onto the site each month.  Hope you all keep reading, and again, I wish you all the best this New Year! 

-Judge Richard

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