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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Cinema Joes Podcast: May 2018 Update

            We were not able to get as many recorded episodes out this month due to scheduling difficulties, for which we profusely apologize.  However, those we did work in were of particular meaning to us, so they are still worth listening to and downloading on our Itunes page! 

May 9th: Avengers: Infinity Wars

            Our Marvel role continues with our long, and very detailed, examination of the latest and biggest MCU installment, where we decide if we felt the buildup and wait of a decade was worth it. 

May 14th: Our Movie Memories with Mom (mini)

            In honor of Mother’s Day, we each shared a particular movie, franchise, or theater experience that is of particular importance to our relationships to our mothers.  A bit cheesy?   Maybe, but every bit of it is from the heart. 

May 23rd: Our Favorite Comic Book Movie Villains (mini) 

            Our saga of exploring every which way of superhero movies continues!  We already have an episode dedicated to our least favorite comic book villains, so it’s only fair we took the time to discuss our favorites as well. 

            Please continue to like, share, and recommend our podcast to all with ears!  And even those without! 

-Noah Franc

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