Saturday, March 31, 2018

Cinema Joes Podcast: March 2018 Update

            Another month is in the bag, but for scheduling reasons it was a little quieter on the Cinema Joes front as we adjust to a new recording schedule.  Nonetheless, we still have three lovely new episodes out for you all to enjoy, viewing and downloadable on our Itunes page. 

March 7th: Our Favorite Post-2000 Best Picture Winners (mini)

            With another awards season finally fading into the rear-view mirror, we looked back at nearly the past 20 years of Academy Awards history to discuss which Best Picture winners we feel have and will continue to stand the test of time. 

March 11th: Mute/Is Netflix In Trouble? 

            We’ve had an extraordinary run on Cinema Joes of us picking films to review that, by and large, we all loved or at least enjoyed watching.  With Mute, one of the latest original works by Netflix, that changed, and for the first time we found ourselves at an utter loss to try and understand the decision-making process.  The result was one of our most frustrating, but also one of our funniest, discussions yet. 

March 18th: Our Favorite Underappreciated Character Actors

            With Sam Rockwell finally winning an Oscar after years of acclaimed-work, we decided to sit down and discuss which of our favorite character actors that, in our eyes, are still yet to get the attention and love they deserve.  A follow-up on actresses will also be out soon, so stay tuned! 

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-Noah Franc

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