Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Cinema Joes Podcast: February Update

            As many of you know, in addition to my writings on this channel, I am a founder and longtime contributor to the intrepid cinematic explorations of the Cinema Joes Podcast.  It was a busy month, what with the build-up to awards season and all, so here’s a short run-down of the topics we explored this month: 

February 4th- 2018 Oscar Reactions (mini-episode)

            With the Oscar nominations out a bit later than normal this year, we sat down to give a shortlist of our biggest thoughts on this year’s nominations, and what some of our desired outcomes are. 

February 11th- I, Tonya/Should Real-Life Villains Be Awarded Their Own Films? 

            With I, Tonya causing a major cultural effort to re-visit the sordid world of early 90’s Olympics drama, we offered our take on what the film could/should mean for cinema going forward, and discussed the merits of trying to make films from the perspective from…shall we say, less-than-sympathetic real-life figures. 

February 18th- Notable Sports Documentaries (mini-episode)

            With the Winter Olympics in full swing, we decided to give shout-outs to sports documentaries we found particularly impactful and worth seeing, whether or not you fancy yourself a sports fan. 

            And by sports, of course I mean baseball, and literally nothing else. 

February 25th- Black Panther/What Makes A Fantastical Setting Work?

            What else could we close the month out with but with our thoughts on Black Panther, which is shaping up to be one of the defining cultural events of 2018.  Being a trio of white men, of course, we are quite limited in what we can say about a lot of the film’s cultural meaning and import, but since we all loved it, we saw no shame in taking an hour to laud its merits and suggest everyone and their grandmother go out and see it. 

-Noah Franc

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