Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Announcing Avatar Month!

            April will be Avatar month!  Since Legend of Korra has been completed, and both Mike and Brian have confirmed that another Avatar series is not planned for the immediate future, this is the perfect opportunity for me to have a comprehensive look back at my favorite TV franchise of all time.  Avatar: The Last Airbender still ranks as my absolute favorite TV show, animated or otherwise, and while I wouldn’t yet place Legend of Korra quite that high, it would definitely be in my Top 10 or 15, should I ever actually do a list of favorite TV shows (note to self, start working on a list of my favorite TV shows). 

            But why DO I love Avatar so much?  What were the moments that drew me in, the characters that I fell in love with the most?  Is there anything of substance to the show beyond gorgeous visuals, expertly choreographed superpower battles, and terrible Sokka-Puns?  I will spend this month delving back into both TLA and LoK to find out. 

            First up will be, of course, a series of Top 10 lists, because list-making is fun, right?  Favorite episodes, battles, and characters will be the focus, but something else may pop up should it occur to me, and I will conclude with a general look at both shows to try and specify why these two series in particular mean to much to me. 

            I’m so excited to get back into the bending world that I can hardly wait.  So let’s get started! 

-Noah Franc 

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